What is this blog about?

I’ve been teaching ICT in UK schools since 1994. That means I have spent almost 20 years teaching children how to create Powerpoint presentations! (Well – not strictly, but it gives my argument more impact)

This year I experienced a ‘paradigm shift’, I took a change of direction and hope to persuade others to follow. I have taken measures to introduce Computing into the curriculum at our school.

I hope to share with those who will read, an account of the journey. I intend to share some experiences, demonstrate clearly why learning Computing should be an entitlement for all children and point you in the direction of resources that will encourage even the most frightened ICT teachers to teach some Computing and help them gain confidence.

Please assist me by offering feedback and sharing this blog with others. If I make assumptions that are incorrect or leave gaps, please put me on the right path.

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  1. excellent – didn’t think of using python with year 7s but the example you’ve posted could work very well! I run http://www.teachingcomputing.com and am struggling to keep up with current demand post-Ofsted IT report! (which says programming must really be integrated into the curriculum). About time too! We have a forming national curriculum level framework for KS3 and of course OCR now has the fully fledged GCSE Computing course (We’ve been running it since last year). I’d like, if it’s okay with you, to post a link to your blog on my site(s). With Good wishes, 🙂 fellow teacher and computing enthusiast.


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