Girls in Computing Science

A great article in the Guardian today, written by Samantha Bail of Manchester Girl Geeks. Samantha has made a great impact in Manchester with the Girl Geek events.

My humble response to the Guardian article.

This week, I discovered how many of our Year 9 pupils (14&15 yr olds) have chosen to study GCSE Computing (not ICT) next year at GCSE.

Last year 15 boys and no girls chose to study GCSE Computing.

This year 17 boys and 3 girls have chosen to study GCSE Computing.

I don’t know whether I should be happy that finally some girls have opted to choose Computing or disappointed that more did not choose it. I’ve have been trying hard (difficult perhaps being a man) to persuade girls to consider themselves as being just as good, if not better than boys at this.

Some things I tried were the hack rap “Computing..not just for men, but all you women and girls”

We have an encouraging amount of girls coming to our Hack To The Future event next month.

Recently in my lessons at school, I have tried to focus more on the responses from girls to computing science related activities in class. It is my perception that girls in Year 7 & 8 are generally more receptive to seeing themselves as capable as boys in these activities, more so than older girls. I found this video and thought it might help change some impressions.

Why Computing Science?

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