The BBC Micro II – News Update

There was a lot of interest on this blog back in September when I first explained my hoax  ‘BBC Codelab’ talk that I gave at the BarCampMediaCity event on 16 Sept. When I repeated the same stunt at Pycon UK conference on 26th September it clearly upset a few people who wanted to believe that it was true.

Then, a few weeks later a message from Keri Facer at Manchester Metropolitan Uni attracted an enormous response with over 2800 visits to that one blog post alone.

So, you can imagine how delighted I was to receive a phone call last week from the BBC asking if they could bring their coding platform along to our Hack To The Future event on Saturday 11th February. This event is aimed at an audience of children aged 11-18 years old. Below is an official statement from the BBC Learning Innovations department that explains a little more about their intentions.

“The BBC will be participating in and running a series of events, activities and projects throughout 2012 to bring people and organizations together who share our enthusiasm for improving engagement with computer science for everyone.

At Hack to the Future we would like to invite young people to use our proto-type coding platform, for the first time, to create their own web server or hack a phone or control hardware kit. More details to follow.”  

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