My Audioboos

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I try to make frequent use of the Audioboo service, I posted something about this before. It’s a great, free to use app that helps record and instantly upload to audio online.

I’ve recorded 190 of these so far on my journey to bring computing to everyone. I’ve interviewed journalists, computer scientists, philosophers, innovaters, children, parents, teachers and more.

Listen to a selection here…

As well as interviewing pupils in my classes and other teachers, you can also hear me discuss computational thinking with the philosopher AC Grayling, part 1 and part 2. Discussing Maths and Computing with Conrad Wolfram part 1 and part 2. Herman Hauser at Beeb30. I interviewed Sophie Wilson and then walking and talking with Dr Sue BlackGuy Claxton, chipcore DJ Sam Wray, BBC Broadcaster and tech guru Bill Thompson, meeting Rory Cellan-Jones at Cambridge RaspberryJam. Find out how Raspberry Pi got it’s name.

All of these had been recorded with the free service which for me had a cap of 5 minutes. Now, thanks to the generosity of some people I have been able to upgrade to a pro account. You can subscribe to my audioboos in iTunes here.

Update 27/8 – target reached.

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