PyConUK – What’s in it for me?

I arranged a CAS online meeting on Tuesday 4th September at 8pm (GMT)

The main reasons were…

1. to introduce Nick Tollervey, an enthusiastic Python developer I met at the PyConUK conference last year with a keen interest in supporting Computing education.
2. to allow Nick to explain what plans he has to include teachers in the PyConUK conference this year (end of September) and to find out from teachers what their opinions and needs are. PyConUK is the UK national conference for users of Python. Find out about an education offer at the bottom of this post.

Here is the recording of the hangout.

Nick used to be a teacher himself, and I have found his insights and suggestions particularly helpful. I expect that you will find his contributions valuable. Last year at PyConUK, I took part in my first Coder Dojo which Nick led, I recorded this Audioboo to explain what happens. I went on to organise Dojos in my school as a result. Nick is wearing the red shirt in this photo below. Nick has experience of organising the London Python Coder Dojo and we can ask him to explain what it is in the online meeting.

Register for PyConUK

The PyConUK conference takes part over the last weekend of September, but the plan is to make the Saturday & Sunday particularly relevant to those in education. More info about PyConUK here  and you can see the schedule here

If you have any questions, eg. enquiries to see if there are any reduced rates for teachers you can email Nick here to enquire about the possibility of an education special offer. Even at full price, it’s worth noting how favourably this rate compares with other CPD fees.

I would highly recommend you approach your school regarding funding the ticket, accommodation and travel expenses. In a climate where some schools now struggle to release teachers for training, schools should be at least willing to meet the costs of teachers volunteering to give up their weekend to improve their own understanding and skills.

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