Little Man Computer (LMC) on the Raspberry Pi, #pyconuk

I remember a Sunday night, 11th May 2014, there was a discussion on Twitter started by Alex Bradbury questioning the extent to which the Little Man Computer was required for teaching computing in schools.

I recorded a podcast episode in which I tried to explain my rationale for using the Little Man Computer. You can listen to the episode here: TeachComputing 11May14

Then, much in the way that twitter works; a twitter friend of mine Gordon Henderson sent me a tweet later that night that he had created a LMC simulation using Return To Basic on the Raspberry Pi.

Fast forward to the resource creation workshop at the PyconUK conference in September. We were asked to suggest themes for groups to work in. I suggested the LMC. In my group we had David Ames, Danny McKune, Connor Sheerwood, Thomas Duguid.

We had an hour to work together. Connor and Dave worked together to create a simulator using Python.

David Ames hard at work, supported by Connor Shearwood

At the same time, Danny, Thomas and I decided to install and testing Gordon’s LMC simulator on the Raspberry Pi.

Thomas and Danny installing LMC on the Raspberry Pi

The first thing we needed to do was to install Return To Basic (RTB) on the Raspberry Pi using these instructions. To test that RTB was working we tried the following:

print "hello pyconuk"

Then we installed the LMC simulator that Gordon wrote on the Raspberry Pi using these instructions. It took us a minute or two to absorb the instructions. Then we ran a simple test and it worked, result!

LMC running in RTB

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