This week… 19Feb16

Originally inspired by Doug Belshaw’s ‘Week Note‘, I’ve decided to stick with this new format for now. Thanks for comments/likes last week. I think I’ll probably migrate this to a mailed out weekly newsletter in time. Don’t forget you can follow this blog by clicking on the ‘follow’ button that appears in the bottom right from time to time. 🙂

This week, it’s been a quiet week in the office, but I have:

  • Published a blogpost about the Family Hack Jam event I organised with Nic Hughes in Hammersmith. ‘Surfing Safely in Hammersmith’. We used Twine to teach online safety through storytelling.
  • Followed 5 x Raspberry Jam events via Twitter, all took place on Saturday, including one in Tunisia. There’s a calendar here where Raspberry Jam events are listed.
  • Jumped with joy to see this thread on Facebook. It’s always so much nicer to see people say nice things about the company you work for without them being paid or prompted!

Screenshot 2016-02-19 16.43.13Screenshot 2016-02-19 16.40.06

  • Received a BBC Micro:bit which is uncannily close to a project I posited back in September 2011 in my notorious BBC CodeLab talk at BBC Media City. At the time, I got myself into a spot of bother; it was a stupid stunt which led to me being called a “well-intentioned idiot” but may well have been my ‘Damascus moment’.
  • Published a blogpost about Anthony Evans’ experiences with phone scammers on Monday. This was hilarious but dark, in the recordings, the scammers actually admit twice that they are intending to hack his computer. “Hack your computer Sir?”
  • Listened to TIDE Podcast Episode 39 in it’s entirety (1h54m) in one journey while there was a lorry fire on the M62. My number one favourite podcast for some time now, it brightens up my early morning drive eastward to Bradford each week and I’m grateful to Doug and Dai for their company on the journey.
  • Made travel plans for excursions to Norfolk, Cambridge, London, Brighton, Portsmouth and Southampton where I’ll be working over the next few weeks.
  • Contributed to #CASchat which takes place 8-9pm on Tuesday evenings, even during half term holidays!
  • Met Thomas Judd a teacher in North Yorkshire, who wants to engage parents more heavily in the school online safety programme. We shared experiences and proposed ways of having more impact on this at school.
  • Been admiring the fun and engagement of teachers who took part in #Picademy, Manchester as well as the teachers sharing their BBC Microbit projects on Twitter over the half term holiday. There are two popular hashtags #BBCMicrobit and #microbit, this page shows some Twitter search tips.
  • Relived some school day memories of the BBC Micro computer with JSBeeb, a BBC Micro emulator built in JavaScript. This is really cool, you can run programs, load and save games like Elite. My favourite part was rebooting and listening to the sound it makes on boot.

Screenshot 2016-02-20 11.04.37.png

  • Watched a two minute Ofsted video in which @DavidBrownHMI answers some frequent questions they receive. David’s role can’t be an easy job, but I’ve always admired his frank and honest approach.
  • Started planning the first Exa Foundation conference to take place this Summer. I’m getting really excited about this. I’ve been asking teachers to recommend recipes for the best conferences.
  • Booked tickets for TeachMeet Southampton #TMSoton16, NAACE Conference, MicroPython on Micro:bit, CAS Tenderfoot KS3, and #bMoBle
  • In my diary I put the dates for Mozilla Festival 2016 #MozFest, Oct 28-30th. This video shows highlights of the 2015 event. I hope to see you there.
  • Been reading about #CampEd16, taking place over the weekend of May 27-30 in Yorkshire. I would describe this as an unplugged alternative to the events and conferences we’re accustomed to.
  • Waited for too long for the third image in this cartoon strip to appear before realising the joke!

Screenshot 2016-02-18 13.02.23.png

  • Shared more details of events I have coming up in the near future. I’m planning to organise all the notes, slides etc. from my previous events in one place in the spirit of openness.






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  1. I enjoy the weeknotes. Please don’t migrate to a email but perhaps do both or use a newsletter tool that supports RSS. Some old fashioned folk out here prefer RSS to emails;-)

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